Cristina - Owner, Stylist
Cristina has been a stylist and an educator for many years and she was fortunate to begin her career in Europe. She trained and worked in London and the United States with Toni & Guy. Cristina's vision for her salon was to create an independent salon within the Hyatt Regency hotel in downtown Phoenix with a staff that is as passionate about hair and customer service as she is.
Ashlee - Front Desk
Ashlee is our front desk receptionist at the salon and the first person to greet you with a smile. She is here to answer any and all calls and questions you may have. She really enjoys being apart of the salon family. Ashlee also is expecting a little bundle of joy arriving early February.
Desiree - Front Desk
Desiree is our second amazing front desk receptionist. She is overjoyed to answer any calls and questions. Desiree is also a psychology major, fashionista, life traveler and most importantly a coffee addict. She is happy as a clam to be apart of our Salon family.
Nathalie - Stylist/ Nail Technician
Nathalie has been a licensed cosmetologist for the last 10 years and is currently an ambassador for the Mirabella cosmetic line . Her passion not only includes hair color and haircuts she also specializes in special occasion hair and makeup as well as Manicures and pedicures.  She enjoys every aspect when it comes to the beauty Industry.  Staying up-to-date with the new trends balayage, ombré , short or long hair , she personalizes each and every one of her clients needs. Aside from her profession she also is a wonderful mom of two, Jonathan and Esther. 
Frida - Nail Technician
I have an experience of over 35 years, specializing in pedicures, providing excellent services like manicures, pedicures including reflexology based massages. I was born and raised in Soviet union. Live in US since 1989. I've been working in 5 star resorts like Boulders in North Scottsdale, Elizabeth Arden Red Door salon for many years and I love what I do.
Yvonne - Massage Therapist
For fifteen years Yvonne Aramburo has been practicing Individualized, symptom-focused massage therapy, which acts as the powerful, central healing and/or pain relief agent. Her exceptional energy work, proven Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and visualization techniques ensure that your pain issues are addressed. Yvonne Aramburo is a gifted intuitive and empath, one of the Southwest's most trusted stress-management consultants, and an alternative healer. She is an expert in wholeness, holistic pain relief, and wellbeing. She focuses on emotional healing, anxiety reduction and stress management - especially for people experiencing loss and major life transitions. Accomplished in "traditional" relaxation, pain management and massage therapies, Yvonne is also a learned practitioner of the ancient healing arts. She has mastered techniques developed over millennia and handed down through generations of "Sobodoras" (women & men who heal with, and through, their hands). Her therapies provide tools for you to help yourself alleviate pain between sessions - and after you no longer need therapy.
Brandon - Massage Therapist
People that get a massage from me enjoy a customized deep tissue massage that is based on their needs and areas of pain.  I am very educated in anatomy and have great palpation skills that when combined together really help me find the source of the client’s issue.  Clients often comment about my professionalism and the sense of security they feel when I am working on them. I specialize in deep tissue, injury recovery and injury prevention, and I like to add assisted stretching in when needed to help lengthen and loosen very tight muscles.  However, the deep tissue work I do is done in a manner so the body reacts in a positive way, instead of resisting or tightening up more.  I enjoy educating clients about their body and how is works, and how their posture or habits can be affecting their issue and/or pain level.  While I specialize in deep tissue work, I have also found that a lighter massage is also very effective for a number of clients.  The long, slow, and lengthy techniques can be very helpful in releasing tension and helping the body to relax.  Even while doing a lighter massage I am still able to find and release trigger points.  After over 14 years of experience I still have a passion for massage and helping clients.